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Silicone VS TPE, Which is better or safer?

"Silicone Sex Doll Vs Tpe Sex Doll, which is better for me? or which is safer for my skin? " Whether you are a newbie to real sex dolls, or already an " old driver‘’ in both sides, you must have thought about these questions between TPE and Silicone dolls. Today we are gonna talk about these two materials in 3 aspects: 

* Softness and texture 
* Makeup and Realism  
* Service time and Maintenace

1. Silicone vs Tpe: Softness and texture

Softness is the top advantage of Tpe, which means you can have  comfortable experiences from the amazing softness,  although the key part of silicone dolls like vagainal and breasts are soft enough too, but compare to the fully soft body of tpe, the sex experiences of tpe excels really.  

Plus, there are molded seam-lines along the body sides: For Tpe sexdolls, the line can be eliminated by heating methods, for silicone dolls, it can't be completely removed. Overall, this tiny flaw is okay for most of buyers.

Tpe sex dolls may give off odors that smells like rubber. but it will fade away within a week or weeks, depends on the tpe quality. For silicone dolls, there are no smells like that generally.

2. Silicone vs Tpe: Makeup & Realism

From a Starpery fan, the Sarah(our top realism model) he bought still remains great maekup and body realism(veins, moles or freckles etc) after 1.5 years of usage. However, some Tpe buyers may complain about the faded makeup after months only. Though that largely depends on the Tpe quality and manufacturing tech. There might is a reason that the Tpe is not firm as silicone, and will ooze oil with time going by. 

Considering the material property, it's easy to understand that the silicone doll is far more durable and sturdy, therefore, it is considered the perfect material for face/body realism, hair/eyeborw implanting. However, because of its sturdy structure, hard silicone heads  will seal up its mouth, so it does't support oral sex. soft silicone heads(similar to Tpe, soft) can retain a mouth but hair implanting failed again. Some users have plenty of budget, so they might buy 2 heads as alternatives.

3. Silicone vs Tpe : Service time and Maintenace

As for the service time. Undoubtedly, silicone dolls can sustain years and years with little maintenace,  actually silicone dolls just need a regular cleaning and powdering, in this regard, Tpe sex dolls need more frequent care while you can't guarantee the how long it will work well. Thus, Tpe users may need wash and powder for the dolls

Also, users may often dress sexdolls up. but you should beware of the oil in tpe dolls, which will suck clothes colors out and stain your doll's skin and then it's tricky to deal with.

4. Conclusion

Tpe sex dolls are fantastic over a certain period. you can enjoy it for 1year or 2 years maybe. with an afforable price-tag, you can have a lifelike love doll.

Silicones dolls are perfect in realism while offer you good sexual experiences. They have realistic apperances to satisfy our imagination, meanwhile they can be long-term sex partners. 

Tpe sex dolls vs Silicone sex dolls 

  TPE Dolls Silicone Dolls
Price Cheap Expensive
Durability Good Excellent
Breast Softness Excellent Excellent
Vagina Softness Excellent Excellent
Butt Softness Excellent Excellent
Skin Softness Excellent Good
Face Realism Good Excellent
Body Realism Excellent Excellent
Longevity Good Excellent
Maintenace Harder Easier
Waterprof Yes Yes
Hygiene Good Excellent
Skin-friendly Yes Yes
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