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Starpery Sexdoll Options

Starpery Sex Doll Custom and Option Introduction:

 1.  Material
 2.  Hair
 3.  Eyes
 4.  Face Realism
 5.  Body Realism
 6.  Intellectualized
 7.  Vaginal
 8.  Shrugged shoulder and standing feet
 9.  Skin Color
10. Hair Style
11. Height/Cup(Body Type)
12. Heads
13. Gel Breast/Gel Butt
14. Eye Color
15. Pubic Hair
16. Finger bone
17. Extra head
18. Accessories

(Notes: Not all the options can be choosed in buying pages. You can tell us your extra/special requests.)


All Starpery heads are made of silicone, according to users' needs, we have Hard heads and Soft heads

I: Soft Heads: With mouth open, not support hair/eyebrow implanting
II: Hard Heads: Support hair/eyebrow implanting, with mouth closed.
Here is our silicone hard head and soft head comparison video, have a detailed look: 

I: TPE Body
Pros: Silicone head offers better realism while TPE body offers soft and elastic body 

Cons: Weaker painting work than Silicone; Need more maintenances than silicone body
II: Silicone Body(+ 850USD)
Pros: Better realism and make up effectS;sturdy and stable, can work well over 4-5years as long as doll is protected well.

Cons: More expensive

2. Hair
I: Wig --for free, not recommend
II: Implanted artificial hair—extra fee
III: Implanted real human hair –extra fee
3.  Eyes
I: Normal half ball eyes --- hard to move, free
II: Full ball moveable eyes --- easy to move, extra fee
III: Full ball moveable eyes with bloodshot –easy to move, more life-like, extra fee
This video shows the detail:
4. Face Realism
I:  Default, as picture -- for free
II: Customization -- extra fee, customers provide picture for the face realism he want. For example, he want to add a tattoo on the doll face

5. Body Realism (5 body features: Moles, Freckles, Skin texture, Veins, Bikini-lines)

Choose anyone or one more features will charge you the same fee(100USD), if you like/dislike one of them, feel free to tell us. 

I: Default, as picture(100USD): All of our dolls on the web are finished with these features, more or less. If you wish the doll to be the same as picture, choose this option.

II: No Realism: We do not recommend this option, Because skin texture is necessary, it is critical to the doll's realism, and it keeps the face color same as body.

IIIBody Realism Extra Custom (200USD):  Some customers may wish to add extra features like tattoos below; If you need such features, contact us first if we can do it well; We don't promise a 100% same as required due to the complexity, but we will try the best upon your needs.

6. Intellectualized
I: Touch-triggered sound  
II: Heating            
III: Sounds+Heating     
IV: No,thanks
7. Vaginal

I:  Fixed  
II: Removeable
8. Shrugged shoulder and standing feet

I:  Shrugged shoulder
II: Standing feet(With bolts underneath soles, can support dolls to stand) 
III: Both -- Extra fee
IV: No, thanks
9. Skin color
                 Natural light                                    Light-tan                                            Tan

10. Hair style
1: Default, As picture
2~13: Choice, pls see below


11: Starpery Bodies & Weights after weight reduction

  Body/Cup     Reduced Weight (TPE/SILICONE):KG
151cm C-cup    21.6/24 
153cm E-cup    35.5/26.3
156cm G-cup    34/34.6
159cm C-cup    27.8/28.4
159cm E-cup    28.3/29.3
165cm D-cup    41.7/42.6 
167cm E-cup    33/34.5
169cm C-cup    28.9/31.9
169cm D-cup    28.9/31.9
171cm A-cup    32.5/33.5
171cm C-cup    28.8/29
171cm D-cup    29.3/29.5
172cm F-cup    37.5/38.3
174cm C-cup    26/30.8
174cm D-cup    34.6/35

1. If you want to know ALL SIZES of Breast, Waist, Hip, Feet, and Vaginal/Anal/Oral depths:

2. 151 body is perfect for Rong or Elizabeth only, all other bodies are compatible with all starpery heads

12: Starpery Doll Heads

13: Boobs
I:  Default, Solid breast —— Soft, free
II: Hollow boobs —— Softer, Only for TPE doll
III: Gel boobs —— Realistic and soft, Extra fee

14: Eye colour:
 As picture, Blue, green, brown.

15: Pubic Hair
 i: Those pictures are able to use as pubic hair paste, which can stick on the doll as a removeable pubic hair.
ii: Those pictures are able to implanted pubic hair style, customer chooses it, and we can implanted a similar pubic hair following the picture.

16: Finger bone
|:   Copper wire hands, Default for free.
||:  Aritificated figers, feature: Simulate human's fingers.

17: About Extra Head:

We don't support selling single head, but we support buying an extra head if you have bought or ready to buy a Starpery doll.

18: Accessories: 

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