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Hi Folks, Thanks for you to like our dolls, in case of any misunderstanding of our doll options, we here list them with simply explanation.  Starpery wants focus on the meaningful and hard options for yours, like finger bone, so the simply options, like nail colors, nipple size, skin tone and eyes colors will be minimized, so that we have more time on chanllenge options. 

Doll body -by Dec. 07th, 2020


156cm chubby

169cm C cup

169cm D cup

171cm A cup

171cm C cup

171cm D cup

Doll heads by Dec. 07th, 2020 

Doll Option

1.  Material

 All of our models have two versions, the TPE body, or the silicone body. In technically we only provide silicone head. 

2.  Face Realism

   i: Default, all of our silicone heads have this option in default,  it has the implanted eyebrows, eyelash, even it is for free. 
      And we will do the basic painting on face so that she looks like her on our official pictures.
  ii: You can provide us with some special pictures, to show some special makeups you want. 

3: Body Realism

Body realism includes some details, moles, tan line, veins and skin texture. or some special requirements.  Skin texture is necessary, becasue it is critical of doll's realistics, and it keeps the face color is same as body. To choose any one of them are same cost of all choosen.  In this part, we can do the body realism on silicone material, and TPE material, even they are nearly permanent, but we can't say it is permanent for ever, beause even the color on a car can't do permanent, they might be fade in years. So our paintings on both materials are very fixed, and can keep for years. 

i:  Default, same as our official pictures. 
ii: You can provide with special style of painting, In-theory, we can draw any kind of painting on doll skin, but too complex like an oil painting, it will bring too much cost beyond to the doll cost, and long time to finish.  so we don't recommend, so we provide some tattoo partterns to yours below. 

4. Eyes Moveable

To provide a more realistic eyes to us, we have moveable eyes for your choose, and it can bring more funny between your communications. what's more, moveable eyes with veins is more realistic for some. 

i: Default, traditional half ball eyes, you known, hard to move.
ii: full ball moveable eyes
ii: full ball moveable eyes with veins

5. Skeleton

Honestly, skeleton is a very hard job to improve, so far we can provide the usual skeleton, shrugged shoulder, and standing, can do EVO. In future, we will improve it more human feature. 

will continue it soon!
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