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Starpery Option Explanation

Starpery Option Explanation
Starpery mission is having apery robot service to people, and protect people. In other words, we hope every family can have one apery robot. She or he can do housework for us, clean the street or road where cars pass at high speed, sort the plastic rubbish from the city, and protect the ocean.
All jobs we mentioned above are innovative and challenge, so for our doll’s options, we will reduce some inessential terms, and focus on the innovation. Below we will list all of our options, and with explanation.
1: Material
I: Full TPE ---Not Ready, next year 2021
II: Silicone head + TPE body --OKay
III: Full silicone --Silicone head +Silicone body

2: Hair
I: Wig --for free, not recommend
II: Implanted artificial hair—extra fee
III: Implanted real human hair –extra fee
IV: Implanted by manual – Most of implanted hair by made by hand and machine, so this one is made by only hand. from quality, it is a bit better, but higher too much cost. Don't Recommend.
3: Eyes
I: Normal half ball eyes ---hard to move
II: Full ball moveable eyes – easy to move, extra fee
III: Full ball moveable eyes with bloodshot –easy to move, more vivid. extra fee
pls see the video-- https://youtu.be/CZRFztSWBtY

4: Face Realism  --pls see our video for the realism on Youtube
I: Default, as picture --For free
II: Customization – extra fee,
                              Customer provide picture for the face realism he want. For example, he wanna add more freckles, or something else.

5: Body Realism --All colour on TPE body or silicone are permanent. 
I: Default, as picture --Extra fee for TPE body, for free for silicone body. 
II: Customization—extra fee, 
               Customer provide pictures to do the body realism as you prefer, he can design a new sunburn, or areola change in size or color. Or do some more special tattoo.

6: Intellectualized
I: touch-triggered sound  
II: Heating            
III: Talking with face mood      No Ready
IV: No, thanks

For other options
7: Hair style
1: As picture
2~13 Choice, pls see below

8: Eye colour:
 As picture, Blue, green, brown

9: Skin color
  Normal  --Refer to our Asia Doll Liao
  Light tan --Refer to Sarah
  Tan  ---Refer to 156cm Doll Amy

10: Heads
As shown, see head picturer below
11: Extra Head
   You can choose any head of ours to match the body you like.

12: Boobs
I: Normal, Solid breast
II: Hollow boobs- Extra Fee, Only for TPE doll
III: Gel boobs— Extra fee

13: Shrugged shoulder and standing feet
I: Shrugged shoulder
II: Standing feet 
III: Both --Extra fee
IV: No, thanks
14: Vagina style

I: Fixed
II: Removeable
15: Pubic Hair
 i: Those pictures are able to use as pubic hair paste, which can stick on the doll as a removeable pubic hair.
ii: Those pictures are able to implanted pubic hair style, customer chooses it, and we can implanted a similar pubic hair following the picture.
16: About Finger bone

   So far we use plam with wire for all dolls, the finger bone will be ready soon after twice failures of it. At most the end of 2020. 

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