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Starpery Option Explanation

Sex Doll Custom and Option Introduction:
 1.  Material
 2.  Hair
 3.  Eyes
Face Realism
 5.  Body Realism
 6.  Intellectualized
 7.  Vaginal
 8.  Shrugged shoulder and standing feet
 9.  Skin Color
10. Hair Style
11. Height/Cup(Body Type)
12. Heads
13. Boobs
14. Eye Color
15. Pubic Hair
Finger bone
(Notes: Not all the options can be choosed in buying pages. You can tell us your extra/special requests.)

I: TPE: Silicone head + TPE body 
Pros: Silicone head offers better realism while TPE body offers soft and elastic body 
Cons: Not as sturdy as silicone,shorter lifetime.weak on body realism
II:Full Silicone: Silicone head + Silicone body 
Pros: Better realism and make up effect;sturdy and stable, can work well over 4-5years.
Cons: Silicone heads include Soft heads and Hard heads
          Soft Heads:with mouth, no hair implanting
          Hard Heads:with hair implanting, no mouth
I: Wig --for free, not recommend
II: Implanted artificial hair—extra fee
III: Implanted real human hair –extra fee
3.  Eyes
I: Normal half ball eyes --- hard to move, free
II: Full ball moveable eyes --- easy to move, extra fee
III: Full ball moveable eyes with bloodshot –easy to move, more life-like, extra fee
This video shows the detail:
4. Face Realism
I:  Default, as picture -- for free
II: Customization -- extra fee
Customers provide picture for the face realism he want. For example, he wanna add more freckles,moles, or something else.

5. Body Realism

I:  Default, as picture -- For free
II: Customization -- extra fee
Customers provide picture for the body realism he want. For example, he wanna add more freckles,veins, or something else like tattoos.
6. Intellectualized
I: Touch-triggered sound  
II: Heating            
III: Sounds+Heating     
IV: No,thanks
7. Vaginal

I:  Fixed
II: Removeable
8. Shrugged shoulder and standing feet

I: Shrugged shoulder
II: Standing feet 
III: Both -- Extra fee
IV: No, thanks
9. Skin color
  Normal  --Refer to our Asia Doll Liao
  Light tan --Refer to Sarah
 Tan  ---Refer to 156cm Doll Amy

10. Hair style
1: Default, As picture
2~13: Choice, pls see below


11: Body Model (Note: 151 is proper for Asian dolls or Elizabeth only)

151cm C-cup
156cm G-cup
159cm C-cup
159cm D-cup
169cm C-cup
171cm A-cup
171cm C-cup
171cm D-cup

12: Heads (Updates Regualrly)
You can choose below heads to match the body-model you like.

   Bella                     Amy                    Hedy               

    Cynthia            Zhulin                 Elizabeth   

        Daisy                  Dan Dan              Gigi         

   Jiu Mei                  Liao                    Meng       

   Rong                  Sarah                Yang Yi   


13: Boobs
I: Normal, Solid breast
II: Hollow boobs- Extra Fee, Only for TPE doll
III: Gel boobs— Extra fee

14: Eye colour:
 As picture, Blue, green, brown

15: Pubic Hair
 i: Those pictures are able to use as pubic hair paste, which can stick on the doll as a removeable pubic hair.
ii: Those pictures are able to implanted pubic hair style, customer chooses it, and we can implanted a similar pubic hair following the picture.

16: About Finger bone

So far we use plam with wire for all dolls, the finger bone will be ready soon after twice failures of it. At most the end of 2020. 

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