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Cover Doll & Starpery Doll - August 2022

Content froms: August 2022 Cover Doll Special 
By Coincidence, the featured doll on the cover is by Starpey too 8)

On arrival in Australia from Guangdong China, Kelly's first photoshoot was in Horton Falls National Park, in the Australian high country Northern New South Wales. The little cabin was built and owned by a good friend and fellow doll photographer, Rob Webster.

The photos started with her unboxing video and continued on with a couple of other dolls watching on closely. The next morning Kelly started the day on the back verandah in the crisp morning light, photographed in her dressing gown. Then, followed by a few more group photos on the verandah in a t-shirt, vest and jeans shorts. This was followed by a solo session further down the homestead property in California Boho beach wear. Rob was happy to pose for a photo with her.

The following day saw Kelly visiting The Playhouse Hotel in Barraba NSW. The beautiful old establishment, The Playhouse Hotel is Owned and operated by Andrew Sharp. Kelly made her entry on the foyer stairs in a simple but elegant Summer dress.

Kelly then traveled south to the Coolibah Lodge sheep station in Botanic Ridge, Victoria, where she went on to do her first lingerie photoshoot and take advantage of the numerous swimming holes on the property. Wearing her summer dress and needing protection from the Australian sun Kelly toured the property, taking in the beautiful country and looking absolutely beautiful.


Kelly's Measurements

Brand: Starpery

Head: Kelly

Face feature: Tiny freckles

Hair: Blonde artificial hair

Material: Full Silicone

Skin: Natural Light

Body feature: Textured skin+blood veins

Options: Gel breast+gear skeleton+articulated fingers+standing+shrugging shoulder

Height: 171cm

Shoulder: 36cm

Cup: A+

B-W-H: 78-65-93cm

Thigh: 51cm

Weight: 79lbs/36kg

Birth Date: Feb, 2022


Credit by: Jarrod Bretton

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