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By Zoey | 15 July 2021 | 0 Comments

156G Julie: Silicone Doll pics and video

Julie still looks nice, fits well with the 156body and stay at the doggy-style you like, hahacheeky

Redhead is charming indeed; But she is so pretty, we may try different hair colors and styles soon. curly-blonde, straight-black, short-brown or whatever,
What hair colors would you like? leave your answer below.devil

"Look at you now look at me" "Look at you now look at me""Look at you now look at me"cool

Thick and big ass~oh gosh, you are killing me!..Btw, i also like the love holeswink

This chubby silicone doll body is really heavy(45kg) before the weight reduction. It's not a simple thing if you don't workout and not a strong man, when you need move it around and pose it right, you may feel the deep pressure...But now things are different, 35kg is a normal weight for many thick dolls. Do not underestimate the 10kg, with the amounts reduction, you will definitely get much easier in handling your doll.

Finally, have a glance at Julie here:


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